6th World Congress on Mental Health and Deafness
Riddel Hall, Queen's University Belfast

16-19 September 2014
Pathways to Rights

Visit to Deaf Village

On saturday 20th September it will be organised a visit to Deaf Village.

Deaf Village Ireland is an exciting new venture developed by the Deaf Community and their organisations in Ireland. The Village was opened in 2012 and comprises new administration and service provision facilities for all Deaf Dublin based and National organisations. The Village has a new Deaf Heritage Centre, a Citizens Information Centre for Deaf and hearing people, a Chapel, Cafe, a Remote Interpreting service, a Life Long Learning Centre for Deaf adults, a state of the art Sports Centre with a swimming pool, football pitches, sports hall, gym, conference and meeting facilities.

The Village is open to all – especially the Sports Centre which has a membership of 2,500 people – of whom 300 are Deaf. The first language of the Village is ISL and it is managed by an independent Board comprising each of the tenant organisations and a Deaf manager. The Village hopes to welcome delegates from the World Congress before, during or after the Congress to spend time in Deaf Village Ireland and enjoy the experience and the friendship of the Deaf Community in Dublin.

Go to Deaf Village

Organising Committee

Brian Symington, MBE. President.

Dr. Ines Sleeboom-van Raaij.  Co-President/ESMHD President.

Dr. Margaret du Feu,  OBE. Chair of Scientific Committee.

Renata Sarmento. Manager.

Scientific Committee

Dr. Margaret du Feu, Ireland, Chair
Dr. Ines Sleeboom-van Raaij, The Netherlands
Dr. María Gascón-Ramos, UK
Dr. Tiejo van Gent, The Netherlands
Dr. Johannes Fellinger, Austria
Dr. Otilia Rodrigues, Australia
Ana García García, Spain
Dr. Cathy Chovaz, Canadá
Dr. Benito Estrada, México
Dr. Lauri Rush, USA
Dr. Robert Pollard, USA
Professor Marleen Jansen, The Netherlands
Dr. Maria Cecilia Moura, Brazil
Dr. Katherine Rogers, UK
Dr. Joanna Kobosko, Poland

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