6th World Congress on Mental Health and Deafness
Riddel Hall, Queen's University Belfast

16-19 September 2014
Pathways to Rights

Conference Programme WCMHD2014

Tuesday, 16th September 2014

Pre-congress events:

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18:00 Opening Ceremony at Belfast City Hall

Wednesday, 17th September 2014


Registration & Announcements


Conference room 1 & 2


Key factors towards quality of life through the lens of human rights

Dr. Liisa Kauppinnen

Chair: Dr. Ines Sleeboom-van Raaij




New Mental Capacity Legislation in Northern Ireland -a pathway to rights for all citizens with mental health needs

Prof. Dr. Roy McClelland

Chair: Dr. Ines Sleeboom-van Raaij


POSTERS (Lecture Room 1)




Conference Room 1 & 2

Raked Lecture Theatre

Lecture Room 3

Deaf people  as patients and Professionals (1)

Chair: Martin Creed

Mental Health of Deaf People with Disabilities (2)

Chair: Ana García García

Deaf Children´s Interventions (3)

Chair: Dr Maria Gascón-Ramos


Deaf People, Childhood experiences and Adult health: An Opportunity to connect public health and mental health. Barnett, Sutter & Pollard. (a)

Research on factors influencing (challenging) behaviour of persons with hearing impairments (HI) and intellectual disabilities (ID). M. Buskermolen (a)

Turning Rights into Realities – Young Deaf People & Children, building resilience. C. Doherty (a)


How are you? Communication between GPs and their Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients in the Netherlands.  Smeijers et al. (b)

Right to access fire setting treatment-Adapting a programme to make it accessible to a Deaf service user with cognitive deficits. N. Horne (b)

The challenge of socializing a socially and linguistically deprivated youngster of unclear origin. C. Leitner (b)


How we became Deaf Professionals in the Mental health Arena. Lord & Wan (c)

Some psychological challenges facing deafblindness. M. Volden (c)

Emotional Regulation in Deaf Children –A model for intervention. Roberts & Hughes (c)




Conference Room 1 & 2

Raked Lecture Theatre

Lecture Room 3

Prevention and service provision (4)

Chair: Katarina Mattsson

Services & Forensic issues in Mental Health and Deafness (5)

Chair: Frank de Greef

Deaf Adolescent Services (6)

Chair: Dr. Cathy Chovaz


One Step at a Time – building positive mental health and physical wellbeing for deaf people in Northern Ireland. Mulvenna & Campbell (a)

Adapting Dialectical Behavioural Therapy to meet the language and sociocultural needs of deaf forensic female clients. S. Jones (a)

Deaf and hard-of-hearing adolescents in CAHMS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services) in Norway – a pilot study. C.M. Aanondsen (a)


Cooperation between Danish Counsellors of the Deaf and Nationwide and Regional Psychiatry. Pedersen & Winther (b)

'The Long and Winding Road' – Mental Health Service Provision for Deaf People in the UK 
(Where have we come from – Where are we now?). B. Monteiro (b)

Mental Health in deaf and hard of hearing adolescents in Norway. K. Wagner (b)


A Clinicians Guide to creating a Telemental Health Programme for Deaf and Hard of hearing Individuals. Crowe et al. (c)

WHAT RIGHTS? To understand – to be understood.  Developing a Deaf Language Assessment Tool in a forensic setting. S. Farthing (c)

Translation of the SDQ into BSL. J. Smith (c)


POSTERS (Lecture Room 1)

Thursday 18th September 2014


Registration & Announcements


Conference Room 1 & 2


Memorial lecture in Honour of Dr Nick Kitson - Former president ESMHD

Chair: Dr. Ines Sleeboom-van Raaij


The Professional and the Personal: Some Reflections on Mental Health Care for Deaf People​

Dr. Michael Schwartz

Chair: Dr. Margaret duFeu




The right to language and implications for mental health

Prof. Dr. Cathy Chovaz

Chair: Dr. Margaret duFeu


Addressing rights and equality issues for Deaf people in Northern Ireland

Chair: Jeff McWhinney 

Les Allamby, Chief Commissioner, NI Human Rights Commission 
Claire Keatinge, Commissioner for Older People 
Patricia Lewsley-Mooney, Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People 
Dr Michael Wardlow, Chief Commissioner for the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland 




Conference Room 1 & 2

Raked Lecture Theatre

Lecture Room 3

Social work, Training and Communication (7)

Chair: Kevin Doherty

Psychosis & Deafness (8)

Chair: Diana Cody

Deaf Children´s Family (9)

Chair: Dr. Tiejo van Gent


Social Work Practice with people who are experiencing Mental Ill health; lessons from Inquiry reports that go beyond "Awareness". Taylor & McPherson (a)

Challenges faced when deaf patients are admitted to psychiatric general acute wards. H. Saltnes (a)

International Consensus on Best Practice in Family-Centered Early Intervention: Family mental health from the very beginning. D. Holzinger.(a)


The advanced certificate in mental health and Deafness: lessons learnt from delivering training. Bowl, Waterhouse & Klein (b)

Language in Deaf schizophrenia: implications on case management and assessment. G. Chatzidamianos (b)

Focus: Family health
What a co-creative parents-professional workshop can contribute
. J. Fellinger (b)


Professionalising Communication Professionals who work with the Deaf. J. Edwards(c)

To recognize potentially bizarre content and unusual linguistic features in the signing of hallucinated persons. R. P. Halvorsen (c)

Post-traumatic stress, coping and depressiveness in mothers after their child's deafness diagnosis in the long-term perspective. J. Kobosko (c)


Coffee- break


Conference Room 1 & 2

Raked Lecture Theatre

Lecture Room 3

Vulnerable groups (10)

Chair: Robert Pollard

Personality Disorders and Psychotherapy (11)

Chair: Otilia Rodrigues

Assessment & Services for Deaf Children (12)

Chair: Alan Sheeran


Gender Violence and human rights in Deaf women in Mexico. B. Estrada (a)

Alternative DSM-5 Model for Personality Disorders: A criteria or Level of Personality Functioning. Use in deaf patients. Olazabal et al. (a)

The Dimensions of a Deaf Child and Family Mental Health Service. Hayes & Richardson (a)


Deaf elderly and their special need in a social medical context. Schatzlmayr & Breiteneder (b)

Hear me! Using Schema Therapy in the treatment of Deaf Service users with Personality Disorder. R. Worthington (b)

False belief understanding of deaf and hard of hearing children in Greece. Antonopoulou et al. (b)


Meeting divergent rights: UNCRPD's article 19. Linzner & Fellinger (c)

Assessment of issues of deaf people's identity in respect of psychological distress; implications for human rights. Lodge & Weinreich (c)

"Lost In Translation" the cognitive assessment of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children using ISL. P. Bond (c)


POSTERS (Lecture Room 1)


Friday, 19th September 2014


Registration & Announcements


Conference Room 1 & 2

Lecture Room 2

Raked Lecture Theatre

Family issues (13)

Chair: Manjit Gahir

Psychotherapy, psychological issues & Deafened people (14)

Chair: Niall Keane

Deaf children´s Therapies (15)

Chair: Dr Joanna Kobosco


Family dynamics and genetic counseling in patients with deafness in development countries. D. Estrella (a)

Courses in coping management for hard of hearing struggling with stress related problems. Based on CBT. J. Hansen (a)

Beardslee Family Intervention a method the put the child in focus, aswell as to strengthen the parents in their role of parenting. L. Strandberg (a)


But we don't see many Deaf mothers, do we? Improving maternity care for Deaf parents on their journey to parenthood. P. Sporek (b)

Maintaining and Enhancing Psychological Resilience in Partially Hearing and Deafened People. Mitchell &  Miller (b)

From sensory isolation to welcome the world: play therapy treatment in a child with deafness. Pousa et al. (b)


The Rights of Deaf Parents: Problems and Progress in Family Proceedings. O'Rourke, Cornes & Anderson (c)

Mind the Gap. S. Harvest (c)

Language Therapy Intervention in BSL – working with carers. Hoskin & Cader (c)




Conference Room 1&2


Addressing the mental health problems in Primary Health Care. Access to adequate Health Care - a basic right of Deaf People

Prof. Dr. Goldberg & Dr. Fellinger

Chair: Brian Symington




Conference Room 1 & 2

Lecture Room 2

Raked Lecture Theatre

Treatment  + Recovery + Empowerment of Deaf Patients (16)

Chair: Meindert Buskermolen

Development of Psychodynamic Concepts and The Narrative (17)

Chair: Dr Joanna Dougherty

Deaf People and Dementia Symposium: Culturally appropriate care and support from the perspective of Deaf people with dementia and their families. (18)

Chair: Kevin McCoy


Empowerment of Deaf Patients to be fully involved in their recovery process. Halder & van Os (a)

Self-directedness and environment-directedness – Potential mental effects of rehabilitation and integration processes. A. Eichengreen (a)

Perspective of a Deaf carer and address the need for a user and carer movement amongst Deaf people touched by dementia. Young et al. (a)


Supporting Isolated Deaf Adults. S. Moore (b)

The narrative/narrated self and wellbeing. McDonald, Russell & Young (b)

Dementia Friendly Communities: Reaching Deaf Community. Heather Lundy & Johnston (b)


The assessment of side-effects of antipsychotic medication in Deaf people. S. Carney (c)

The challenge of identifying dementia in deaf people: A new cognitive screening test using British Sign Language.

Joanna Atkinson et al. (c)


Conference Room 1&2


I want to break free. Early Deafblindness and the Ingenuity of the Human Brain Can the Brain Find an Answer when Bereft from the Input of Sight and Hearing? Hinderinces to Overcome in Order to Safeguard the Rights of Deaf Blind Children to Develop Communication with the Outside World

Prof. Dr. Jan van Dijk

Chair: Brian Symington




Grand Finale - Pathways to Rights. Discussion

Dr. van Gent & Prof. Dr. van Dijk


Belfast Declaration


At the appointed time, at least one of the authors should be available to answer questions and discuss their work with congress participants. 

The size of the poster should be no more than 90cm x 60cm. The top line(s) should give the title of your abstract. The next line(s) should indicate the author(s) and their affiliations. Continue with the introduction, methods, results and discussion as appropriate. The poster should end with your conclusions. 

Velcro will be provided for mounting the presentation. Hand-outs, citations and contact details for distribution to interested delegates are always appreciated.

Please note that we are unable to return posters to presenters if they are left behind at the end of the meeting.






General Topic Area: Interpreting


'The See-Saw Effect'

Sarah Bishop & Vicci Ackroyd


Intersectionality Theory in Mental Health Interpreting: Finding That Sweet Spot in Therapy.

Dr. Cathy Chovaz, Judith Thomas, Angela Core


Therapeutic Relationships & Collaborative Working: A Model for Clinicians and Interpreters Working Together

Yvonne E Waddell, Stephen Scott


General Topic Area: Clinical


Similarities and differences in the voice hallucinations of deaf and hearing people with schizophrenia: unlocking psychiatry's secrets through the study of deaf people.

Joanna Atkinson


"Mind the Gap", facilitating healthy lives.

Mandy Egan, Mandy Dolan and Di Baines


A comparison between deaf and hearing adults' perceptions of their emotional intelligence

Kika Hadjikakou, Katerina Antonopoulou & Katerina Maridaki-Kassotaki


Empowering Deaf patients

Neel Halder, Nick Horne


"Filling the silence" – performing a Psychiatric assessment from a deaf patient.

Dr Chrishanthy Grace Jayarajah


Increased Social Network and reduced challenging behaviour; Deaf People with multiple disabilities in a therapeutic community.

Doris Linzner


Mental Health Provision for Over 65 year old Adults with acquired hearing loss and/or tinnitus. A case-study: differentiating cognitive decline; musical hallucinations & musical tinnitus

Dr Paul Miller & Mary Mitchell


Expressing yourself - Deafblindness and mental health-inquiry concerning the status quo of psychosocial factors.

Eva Sacherer,  Angela Kickinger, Dr. Johannes Fellinger


Empower the Deaf. Train the Deaf Trainer.

Jan Tempelaar


Roles of a Deaf Professional in a Multidisciplinary Therapeutic team.

Sabine Windisch


General Topic Area: Child & Family


Is Anyone Listening? Trying to Improve CAMHS services for Deaf children and Young People in Northern Ireland

Rebecca Anderson, Dr Kate Latimer, Val Rowan


Deaf CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health) - extra value or meeting the need?

Mandy Barker


Child Protection and Deaf Children

Dr Audrey Cameron, Deborah Fry, Prof. Julie Taylor, Prof. Kirsten Stalker, Dr Anita Franklin, Dr Alasdair Stewart, Zain Kurdi


An audit on DNA rates for first and follow-up appointments in the National Deaf Children and Adolescent mental health service

Victoria Fernández de las Heras & Aishah Iqbal


CBT for a deaf child with adjustment disorder

Mina Geshi


Child and adolescent psychiatrist AND psychologist

Randi Grønås Snefjellå, Jannicke Krogh Landsnes


Psychological support needs of hearing mothers with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing children in Japan

Sarasa Kai


Deaf Autism Project


Herbert Klein, Barry Wright and Contanza Moreno


Mental Health in Children and Adolescent:  A Systematic Review


Janet Olds, Christine Polihronis, Barbara A. Jones, Margaret Sampson, David R. Schramm


Diagnostic Instruments for Autism in Deaf Children Study (DIADS)

Helen Phillips


CASE PRESENTATION - Deaf child in mainstream school -Rights for inclusion - Consequences for mental health

Lene Randa Nielsen and Nils Ola Sande


Hearing loss and rehabilitation following viral and bacterial meningitis in children attending Cork University Hospital, a 2 year prospective study

Shamis A.S, O'sullivan, P. G.


General Topic Area: Public Health


The Right to work. Training a highly vulnerable group of deaf people without employment, most of them migrants.

Corinna Atzmüller, Martin Gebetsberger, Johannes Fellinger


Social Inclusion- Mental Health and the Deaf Community-Equity and Access Northern Ireland Mental Health and Deafness Service

Dr Carol Carton, Catherine Turkington, Martin Creed , Deborah Boyle


Associations between intimate Partner Violence Exposure and Preventative Health Care Seeking Comparing Deaf and Hearing Samples.

Catherine Cerulli, Vincent Samar, Robert Pollard


Neurofiromatosis Type 2-An Audit of Patient Care in Northern Ireland.

Donnelly, L Jeffers, PJ Morrison, S Hampton, N Baillie, S Cooke


World Federation of the Deaf -Health Resources Initiative.

Johannes Fellinger & Alexandra Meyer-Wienreich


SensAge Project: ageing and sensory disabilities

Ana García García


Domestic violence and deafness: cases review

García, A., Hernández, E.


Assessing and Changing medical students' attitudes to and knowledge of Deafness.

Michelle Gilmore, J Woodside, Dr K Mc Glade


Interagency working to promote equality and access of services for a service user wishing to return home to Northern Ireland.

Andrew Gowdy


Testing of deaf people with California verbal learning test-II

Knut-Petter Sætre Langlo, Ragna Erdal-Aase


Mental health and postlingually deaf adults cochlear implant users

Joanna Kobosko, Edyta Piłka, W. Wiktor Jędrzejczak, Agnieszka Pankowska, Henryk Skarżyński


Providing services to deaf people with tinnitus

Christine Martin


Deaf People in working life

Katarina Mattsson


Cognitive assessment of Deaf immigrants

Cathrine Olaussen, Henning Skran


Improving Access to Justice: the Development of a Toolkit for Lawyers

Dr Sue O'Rourke


Results of the American Consensus-Planning Conference on Research Priorities in the Deaf Mental Health Field

Robert Pollard


Results of a 3-year, interview-based study of intimate partner violence perpetration affecting deaf persons

Robert Pollard, Catherine Cerulli, Denise Thew, Nancy Chin, Jeanna Mastrocinque, & the IPV Research Team


The Availability of Specialist Forensic Provisions for Deaf People: An International Study

Leanne Race & Todd Hogue


Physical Health & VTE Audit

Hamid Rahmanian


Evaluating the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of BSL (British Sign Language) IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies)

Rogers, Katherine D., Young, Alys. (Chief Investigator), Pilling, Mark, Lovell, Karina., Davies, Linda & Pilling, Steve


Reliability of the BSL and English version of CORE-OM with d/Deaf populations

Rogers, Katherine.D., Evans, Chris, Campbell, Malcolm, Young, Alys, & Lovell, Karina


Employment of deaf people with mental health disorders. Job Assistance makes a difference

Christian Steinlechner



Please note that proceedings may be recorded and published; photographers may also be present throughout the Congress.  Any enquires please contact Renata Sarmento, WCMHD Manager info@wcmhd2014.org


Nick Kitson Memorial Poster Prize 2014 

This Prize will be awarded to the Presenter of the best Poster at the 2014 World Congress in memory of Dr Nick Kitson and his academic legacy.

John Denmark Life Achievement Award

The above will be awarded in honour of Dr John Denmark in recognition of his time, significant contribution to development of mental health services for Deaf people and for support to Deaf people with mental health issues.

In relation to Dr Denmark, he was a founder member of ESMHD:

  • Established first Psychiatric Service for Deaf people in the UK
  • He oversaw initial research into the needs of Deaf people with mental health issues in NI;
  • He played a major role in initiating the development of services for Deaf people in NI
  • The Denmark family are associated with the development of services for Deaf people in NI – Jordanstown school for Deaf and Visually Impaired Children


The Royal College of Psychiatrists has confirmed that this Congress is eligible for CPD points, subject to peer group approval

The College of Psychiatry of Ireland has allocated the following CPD points:

  • 17 September – 6 credits
  • 18 September – 5 credits
  • 19 September – 6 credits

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Organising Committee

Brian Symington, MBE. President.

Dr. Ines Sleeboom-van Raaij.  Co-President/ESMHD President.

Dr. Margaret du Feu,  OBE. Chair of Scientific Committee.

Renata Sarmento. Manager.

Scientific Committee

Dr. Margaret du Feu, Ireland, Chair
Dr. Ines Sleeboom-van Raaij, The Netherlands
Dr. María Gascón-Ramos, UK
Dr. Tiejo van Gent, The Netherlands
Dr. Johannes Fellinger, Austria
Dr. Otilia Rodrigues, Australia
Ana García García, Spain
Dr. Cathy Chovaz, Canadá
Dr. Benito Estrada, México
Dr. Lauri Rush, USA
Dr. Robert Pollard, USA
Professor Marleen Jansen, The Netherlands
Dr. Maria Cecilia Moura, Brazil
Dr. Katherine Rogers, UK
Dr. Joanna Kobosko, Poland

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