6th World Congress on Mental Health and Deafness
Riddel Hall, Queen's University Belfast

16-19 September 2014
Pathways to Rights



This page will soon provide access to the pre-program of the Congress. After processing and acceptance of papers, the full program will be made available here.


This Congress is eligible for CPD point subject to peer group approval (Royal College of Psychiatrists).


Tuesday 16 September

18:00 Opening Ceremony (Belfast City Hall)

Wednesday 17 September

8:30 Registration & Annoucements

9:30. Plenary 1.  Dr. Liisa Kauppinnen. Key factors towards quality of life through the lense of human rights

10:30 Coffee-break

11:00. Plenary 2. Prof. Roy McClellandNew Mental Capacity Legislation in Northern Ireland -a pathway to rights for all citizens with mental health needs

12:00. Posters session

12:30 Lunch

13:30 ​Parallel Sessions

15:00 Coffee-break

15:30 Paralel Sessions

17:00 Poster session

Thursday 18 September

8:30 Registration & Annoucements

9:00. Memorial lecture in Honour of Dr Nick Kitson - Former president ESMHD

9:30. Plenary 3. Prof. Dr. Michael SchwartzThe Professional and the Personal: Some Reflections on Mental Health Care for Deaf People​

10:30 Coffee-break

11:00 Plenary 4. Prof. Dr. Cathy Chovaz. The right to language and implications for mental health

12:00. Addressing rights and equality issues for Deaf people in Northern Ireland. Dr. Michael Wardlow, Claire Keating & Patricia Lewsley-Mooney

12:30 Lunch

13:30 ​Parallel Sessions

15:00 Coffee-break

15:30 Paralel Sessions

17:00 Posters session

Friday 19 September

8:30 Registration & Annoucements

9:00 Parallel Sessions

10:30 Coffee-break

11:00 Plenary 5. Prof. Goldberg & Dr. FellingerAddressing the mental health problems in Primary Health Care. Access to adequate Health Care - a basic right of Deaf People 

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Parallel Sessions

14:30 Plenary 6. Prof. Emeritus Dr. Jan van Dijk. "I want to break free" Early Deafblindness and the Ingenuity of the Human Brain Can the Brain Find an Answer when Bereft from the Input of Sight and Hearing? Hinderinces to Overcome in Order to Safeguard  the Rights of Deaf Blind Children to Develop Communication with the Outside World

15:30 Coffee-break

16:00 Prof. Emeritus Dr. Jan van Dijk & Dr. Tiejo van GentGrand Finale of the Pathways to Rights. Querying the Forum of Experts with Questions of the Audience.

16:45 Belfast Declaration

Saturday 20 September

Organising Committee

Brian Symington, MBE. President.

Dr. Ines Sleeboom-van Raaij.  Co-President/ESMHD President.

Dr. Margaret du Feu,  OBE. Chair of Scientific Committee.

Renata Sarmento. Manager.

Scientific Committee

Dr. Margaret du Feu, Ireland, Chair
Dr. Ines Sleeboom-van Raaij, The Netherlands
Dr. María Gascón-Ramos, UK
Dr. Tiejo van Gent, The Netherlands
Dr. Johannes Fellinger, Austria
Dr. Otilia Rodrigues, Australia
Ana García García, Spain
Dr. Cathy Chovaz, Canadá
Dr. Benito Estrada, México
Dr. Lauri Rush, USA
Dr. Robert Pollard, USA
Professor Marleen Jansen, The Netherlands
Dr. Maria Cecilia Moura, Brazil
Dr. Katherine Rogers, UK
Dr. Joanna Kobosko, Poland

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