6th World Congress on Mental Health and Deafness
Riddel Hall, Queen's University Belfast

16-19 September 2014
Pathways to Rights

Professor Sir David Goldberg

Professor Sir David Goldberg is a psychologist and psychiatrist best known for his work in psychiatric epidemiology. He developed the General Health Questionnaire and advocated a bio-social model for mental disorders. He was educated at William Ellis School and Hertford College, Oxford. He took a degree in psychology and went on to do his clinical work at He as a DPM project, and developed it further for his DM degree. After leaving the Institute he spent a year in Philadelphia before returning to Manchester as a senior lecturer. In 1972 he was appointed Professor and Head of Department at Manchester and spent the next 20 years building up the Department. He returned to the Maudsley in 1993 as Professor of Psychiatry and Director of Research and Development, and was knighted in 1997. He became a Professor Emeritus of King's College London in 2000. Sir David was the inaugural winner of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Lifetime Achievement Award. Prof. Sir David Goldberg is presenting in Spoken English.

Plenary title & abstract

Addressing the mental health problems in Primary Health Care. Access to adequate Health Care - a basic right of Deaf People.

Organising Committee

Brian Symington, MBE. President.

Dr. Ines Sleeboom-van Raaij.  Co-President/ESMHD President.

Dr. Margaret du Feu,  OBE. Chair of Scientific Committee.

Renata Sarmento. Manager.

Scientific Committee

Dr. Margaret du Feu, Ireland, Chair
Dr. Ines Sleeboom-van Raaij, The Netherlands
Dr. María Gascón-Ramos, UK
Dr. Tiejo van Gent, The Netherlands
Dr. Johannes Fellinger, Austria
Dr. Otilia Rodrigues, Australia
Ana García García, Spain
Dr. Cathy Chovaz, Canadá
Dr. Benito Estrada, México
Dr. Lauri Rush, USA
Dr. Robert Pollard, USA
Professor Marleen Jansen, The Netherlands
Dr. Maria Cecilia Moura, Brazil
Dr. Katherine Rogers, UK
Dr. Joanna Kobosko, Poland

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